Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes. His Children International is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contributions are tax deductible. You will receive a statement of donations at the beginning of each year.

At what age do children enter the program and when do they finish?

Children as young as 3 years old have access to the program and may continue until they reach the age of 18.

Can a child have several sponsors?

No. Each child has only one sponsor. This provides a great opportunity to build a meaningful relationship and impact the lives of both the sponsor and sponsored child. It also creates the need for commitment on the sponsor’s part. The child, without the continued support from the sponsor, will be unable to remain in the program.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

You are able to send an additional contribution along with your monthly sponsorship.  Our local partners will then use that money to purchase a gift of your choice, and present it to your sponsored child.  For additional information you can contact us through our website, www.hischildreninternational.org,  or call 1-866-534-8177. 

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes. We can make arrangements for you to visit your sponsored child.

Does my sponsored child or his/her family personally receive any of the funds I send?

No. Funds are not given to the sponsored child or any family member. They are given exclusively to our partnering church and used for the sole purpose of running our child sponsorship program.

How can a little over one dollar a day do so much?

Our sponsors commit to donating thirty-seven dollars a month to His Children International. The funds are pooled along with contributions from other sources, such as corporations, and used to provide the program benefits to ALL of our sponsored children. Doing this allows us to make your donation go a long way to enriching the lives of children in impoverished neighborhoods. It also ensures that no child misses these opportunities due to lack of prompt payment on their sponsor’s part.

How does His Children International monitors the use of funds?

His Children International partners with local churches to provide the program services to the children of the community. One of our partnering church’s responsibilities is to provide us with a detailed monthly financial report as well as a yearly one. We track the spending of every single dollar we send. We also visit the centers each month for the purpose of monitoring all aspects of the program.

How is communication handled between me and my sponsored child?

All communication is handled by His Children International. You send your letters to us and after translating them, we mail them to our partnering church, who gives them to your sponsored child. In the same way, we receive your sponsored child’s letters and after the translation process, they are mailed to you.

How is His Children International financially accountable to donors?

We understand the importance of being good stewards of God’s resources and the responsibility we have with the children we serve, as well as with our donors. A yearly financial report, as well as Form 990, will be posted on our website no later than two months after the end of our fiscal year.

I don’t want a long-term commitment. Can I simply make a donation?

Yes. You can donate securely through our website by clicking the DONATE button. You can also call us at 1-866-534-8177 or mail your contribution directly to:

His Children International

PO Box 97-2375

Miami, FL 33197-2375

Is my sponsorship a long-term commitment?

Yes. When you decide to sponsor a child, it is important that you understand that it is not just about sending money. A relationship begins at the moment when that child knows there is someone far away who cares about him/her. Breaking that relationship is not good for the child. Although certain circumstances may force you to terminate your sponsorship, we encourage you to view this as an INVESTMENT in a life who needs you. The length of the commitment will depend on the child’s age when entering the program.

What are the benefits of the child sponsorship program?

The children we serve receive the following benefits, among others: the opportunity to hear the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ and be taught the Word of God; nutritional and medical assistance; practical skills aimed at giving them economic independence; educational help through tutoring; physical education to promote a healthy lifestyle; music and art classes.
In short, they receive love, care, and guidance in a Christian environment.

What are the requirements for a child to enroll in the program?

Every prospective sponsored child’s family receives a home visit from a staff member of our partnering church. The objective of the visit is to determine the family’s commitment to make this a long-lasting decision, as well as to assess their need. Each child is required to attend a minimum of 9 hours per week to remain active in the program.

What happens if the child moves to a different community?

If His Children International is operating in that community, we will transfer the child to that program. If that is not the case, the sponsor will be notified in writing within 30 days and the sponsorship will be terminated. Any sponsorship fees paid after the removal of that child from the program will be reimbursed. However, the sponsor will always have the opportunity to sponsor a new child.

Where are the program activities held?

Most program activities are held at our partnering church facilities. Some exceptions are: outdoor sports activities, field trips, and spiritual retreats.